Electrical Fittings and
components from Italy

  A leading manufacturer of 
Terminal Blocks
  A huge range of Cabinets 
& Enclosures
  Flexible Conduits and Fittings
A range of Electrical Products 
Manufactured in New Zealand
  Sensing and 
Switching solutions
  Marina Power Suppy 
Electrical wiring options for 
Camping & Motorhomes
Automation & Security

Electrex (now part of Firstflex Cables) have been supplying the Electrical Industry for over 30 years. We import and manufacture a large range of electrical components from highly reputable companies both locally and internationally, we currently stock the following brands:

SCAME product range are designed and manufactured in Italy. 

This range includes industrial plugs, connectors, outlets, switches plus distribution and consumer boards. All Scame products are manufactured to the stringent European CEE Standards.

CONNECTWELL established in 1978 “For the right Connection”.
Connectwell is a leading manufacturer of rail mounted terminals.

GENTECH designs and manufactures liquid level sensors, position sensors, flow switches and potical sesnors to serve a broad range of industries.
Over 95% of trucks in the US carry Gentech sensors.

ELECTROFLEX range of flexible conduit connections and fittings these include: thread adaptors, flexible steel conduit, Halogen Free Conduits a range of spiral reinforced PVC conduit used in industrial and commercial applications where flexibility, long life, flame inhibition and UV resistance
are paramount.

GRANTLINE is a range of New Zealand made products, including Meterboxes, Foot Switches, Flush Boxes, Junction boxes, Locking nuts and Reducers and Nylon flex clamps.

TIBOX stock the largest range of waterproof cabinets and enclosures under one brand ranging from polyester, ABS to powder-coated steel and stainless steel.

we stock a large range of Electricians General Hardware ranging from catenery wire to hooks and chain.

Our CAMP & MARINE group include an array of custom assembled products from power supply units free-standing or wall mounted or pillars suitable for NZ's coastal conditions and custom-built to order.

PACIFIC GSM a range of monitoring, security, automation and access products that can be managed easily by mobile phone.

We sell directly to the Electrical Wholesale Industry however we welcome enquiries from contractors and general consumers on any of our products and will be happy to provide technical information and point you in the right direction for purchasing what you require.

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