Conduit Accessories

Galvanised Adapters Brass Earth Bush Galvanised Nipples
1/2” NPT Male to 20mm Female
Code: ADAP1/2NPT-20
PG16 Male to 20mm Female
Code: ADAP16PG-20
16mm Code: EARTHBU16
20mm Code: EARTHBU20
25mm Code: EARTHBU25
32mm Code: EARTHBU32
20mm Code: NIP20
25mm Code: NIP25
32mm Code: NIP32
50mm Code: NIP50
Galvanised Couplings Brass Ring Bush Galvanised Reducers
16mm Code: COUPL16
20mm Code: COUPL20
25mm Code: COUPL25
20mm Code: RINBU20
25mm Code: RINBU25
32mm Code: RINBU32
20mm-16mm Code: R2016
25mm-20mm Code: R2520
32mm-25mm Code: R3225
40mm-32mm Code: R4032
50mm-40mm Code: R5040
63mm-50mm Code: R6350
80mm-63mm Code: R8063
Galvanised Locknuts Brass Stopping Plugs Galvanised Enlargers
16mm Code: LN16
20mm Code: LN20
25mm Code: LN25
32mm Code: LN32
40mm Code: LN40
50mm Code: LN50
16mm Code: STOPLU16
20mm Code: STOPLU20
25mm Code: STOPLU25
16mm-20mm Code: ENL16-20
20mm-25mm Code: ENL20-25
25mm-32mm Code: ENL25-32

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