Riko Float Switches

Riko Company has dedicated more than 
40 years in developing the high quality
float technology. With our creations and challenges, we have developed
“Floatnics”, which is the combination of float material and electronics. Floats,
detecting the levels of the liquids and the boundary level between water and oil,
have been highly evaluated around the world. We now provide Floatnics to 200
companies in 40 countries including world-wide major auto makers.

Description Specs
Max. contact capacity: 50VA GC/AC
Initial Contact resistance: 150mΩ max.
Switching Voltage: 600V DC
Max. Voltage: 300DC/AC
Max. Current: 0.5A DC/AC
Insulation Resistance: 10mΩ (Min)
Material Stem: SUS304
Material (Float): SUS304

Download the Riko Float Switch Brochure here:

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