MBOX Power Distribution


MBOX series distribution assemblies made with impact-resistant thermoplastic material, particularly designed for power distribution on construction sites. 

Extremely compact and totally safe, MBOX features an innovative design and it is made in collision-proof and self-extinguishing techno-polymer to withstand collisions and atmospheric agents. 

In compliance with the highest industry standards, the MBOX series includes a complete product range of outlets, safety features and comes in many customised versions.

The series includes three different enclosures.

MBOX2 - 432 x 365 x 290mm

MBOX3 - 465 x 380 x 520mm

MBOX5 - 775 x 400 x 670mm



The addition of an automatic device (LED with extremely low consumption hooked up to a sensor) ensures proper lighting of the compartment containing outlets and switchgear and protection devices when the outdoor light intensity diminishes. 

This allows the product to be identified and used under conditions of poor lighting: ideal for the worksite.



MBOX panels are made in engineering resin suitable for outdoor installations, grey RAL 7035 coloured and provided with high mechanical sturdiness, good resistance to impacts and excellent dimensional stability even at high temperatures.

Working Temperatures

  • According to the ref standard: from -25°C ~ +40°C
  • Max working temp: +60°C
  • High resistance to UV radiation
  • Self-extinguishing; according to IEC 60695-2-1
  • Glow wire test; 650°C
  • Resistant to: Mineral fats, oils, naphtha, alcohols, aqueous solutions of inorganic salts, weak inorganic acids, alkaline solutions.


MBOX Empty EnclosureMBOX3 houses 6 x 16A-32A
Omnia Switched Outlets


MBOX2 houses 4 Omnia Switched Outlets


MBOX5 houses up to 12 Omnia Switched Outlets

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